Uncovering Viral TikTok Sounds to Boost Your OnlyFans Promotion

Published April 2023

Let's dive into the exhilarating world of uncovering trending sounds on TikTok, as well as on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, vidIQ Viral App, Tokboard, and TokChart. While there are several alternatives out there, these are the primary platforms that will empower you to discover trending sounds perfectly suited for boosting your OnlyFans business.

You've probably heard the buzz surrounding the transformative potential of trending sounds on TikTok, helping businesses expand their audiences and drive sales. Well, the data supporting these claims is nothing short of astounding. Over 83% of TikTok enthusiasts concur that videos featuring viral and trending sounds offer a more entertaining viewing experience. Furthermore, a staggering 76% of TikTok users readily admit to pausing to watch ads that incorporate various captivating sounds. An additional 50% of users affirm that videos set to music are not only invigorating but also incredibly engaging and uplifting.

But here's a lesser-known gem: TikTok sounds possess the unique ability to etch your brand deeply into your audience's consciousness. Beyond the visual elements such as your brand's colours, slogans, logo, and overall aesthetics, TikTok sounds have the remarkable potential to boost brand retention by an astonishing factor of eight.

Now, despite the myriad advantages of leveraging trending sounds on TikTok, many users find themselves in the dark when it comes to the art of sound discovery on the platform. If you happen to be a female OnlyFans model on the hunt for innovative ways to uncover trending sounds on TikTok, you've landed in the right place.

Perhaps you're venturing into the realm of TikTok content creation for the very first time, with the sole aim of promoting your OnlyFans business. If you're feeling uncertain about how to pinpoint those elusive trending TikTok sounds that seamlessly align with your brand, fret not! This article is your comprehensive guide, walking you through the diverse methods for unearthing trending sounds on TikTok, and most importantly, how to harness their potential to the fullest.

Now, let's embark on a thrilling journey! Regardless of the nature of your OnlyFans content, here's your ticket to discovering those sought-after trending TikTok sounds, primed and ready to elevate your OnlyFans promotion:

1. Uncovering Trending Sounds through TikTok's Search Bar

TikTok's immense popularity thrives on the viral and trending sounds that grace its platform daily. To facilitate your navigation through this auditory treasure trove, TikTok has made it simpler than ever.

Begin by launching the TikTok app on your phone. As you open the app, a random short video will start playing in a loop. Direct your attention to the bottom section of the playback page, where you'll spot five control icons. These include the "Home," "Discover," "Inbox," "Me," and a plus button serving as the fifth icon.

Click on the "Discover" icon, which resembles a handheld magnifying glass. This action will transition your view from the home page to the Discover page. Here, you'll encounter trending hashtags accompanied by their respective videos. At the top of the page lies a search bar where you can input your desired keywords to uncover a diverse array of video content.

In the search bar, consider inputting keywords like "viral sounds" or "trending sounds," and then hit "Search." This manoeuvre will shift your view from the discover page to the search results page. By default, the initial results you'll encounter will fall under the "Top" category. While perusing these "Top" results, scroll down to explore trending sounds nestled under the "Sounds" subcategory and videos employing various viral sounds under the "Videos" subcategory.

Beyond the aforementioned keywords, there exists a plethora of alternatives. As long as you incorporate words like "viral," "trending," and "sound," you can concoct search queries like "viral songs," "popular sounds," "trending sounds now," or "viral sound trending now."

Should you find yourself in need of more keywords to unearth trending sounds, there's no need to scour the internet for additional resources. Instead, make use of the few keywords you already possess to discover related keywords and broaden your pool of results.

While still exploring the "Top" category of your search results, keep an eye out for the "Others searched for" section, which comprises keywords aligned in meaning with your initial query. Select any of these keywords and use them to delve deeper into your search by entering them into the search bar.

Your search results are further categorised into "Users," "Videos," "Sounds," and "Hashtags." If your focus is exclusively on sounds, click on the "Sounds" category to access trending sounds sorted based on their usage frequency. The videos and sounds are ranked in descending order of popularity.

To uncover even more trending sounds, explore the hashtag results in the "Hashtag" category corresponding to your keyword search. Alternatively, you can watch videos in the "Videos" category to gain insights into how other users seamlessly incorporate trending audio into their content.

While the results within the "Users" category might not be as informative, you can still sift through them to gauge what users are posting in relation to different trending sounds.

Pro Tip: To refine your search results and ensure their relevance, TikTok offers a handy filtering feature for all results in the "Top," "Users," and "Videos" categories. You can filter "Top" and "Videos" results based on the date of posting, sort by the number of likes, the most recent, or relevance. Additionally, you can apply filters to the "Users" category based on the number of followers, profile types, and other preferences. Note that the filter icon appears alongside the "Hashtag" search category when you are on either the "Top," "Users," or "Videos" category results page. If you switch to the "Sounds" or "Hashtag" category results page, the filter icon will disappear.

2. Harnessing Your "For You" Page for Trending Sounds

TikTok "For You" page serves as the default homepage displayed to all users upon launching the application. The content showcased on your "For You" page is distinct from that seen by other users unless your interests happen to align.

Have you ever delved into the mechanics of TikTok's algorithm? This intelligent system comprehends your preferences by analysing the data you provide through searches, likes, shares, and the accounts you follow. This algorithm, the heart of TikTok's allure, consistently delivers content that aligns with your tastes, keeping you captivated for extended periods.

Rather than being a passive recipient, leverage the algorithm's power by showing it the content you desire. Initially, start by following creators within your niche, prioritising those who form your network of creators. Subsequently, based on the personal descriptions of your audience, immerse yourself in content that mirrors what your followers might be watching — essentially, alternative versions of your content created by other TikTok users.

By doing so, you place yourself in your audience's shoes, experiencing what transpires in their minds as they engage with your content. The algorithm will adapt to this pattern, recommending content that aligns with your audience's preferences. While perusing the recommended content, take note of the most viewed videos and the accompanying audio. This invaluable insight can lead you to a trending sound perfectly suited for your videos.

This strategy for discovering trending sounds on TikTok not only streamlines the sound-selection process but also increases the likelihood of identifying audio that has proven effective for other creators, making your decision-making process considerably easier.

3. Exploring TikTok's Sound Library for Trending Sounds

TikTok boasts a comprehensive library of sounds at your disposal during content creation. This library allows you to directly select audio and seamlessly integrate it into either new or existing videos.

To access TikTok's sound library, initiate the application and tap the plus icon located at the bottom of your "For You" page. Clicking this icon will transition you from the home page to the content creation page, replete with various controls and features. For the purpose of discovering trending sounds, disregard the other icons and features, and concentrate on the music icon positioned at the top, which is accompanied by the word "Sounds." Clicking on this icon will transport you to TikTok's official sound library page.

Within TikTok's sound library page, you have the option to embark on sound searches using a variety of keywords, such as "viral songs 2023." Upon initiating a search, a results page will unfold, presenting you with a collection of sound titles, their respective authors, and sound durations. Employ keywords featuring phrases like "trending sounds" or "popular sounds" to access an extensive array of trending TikTok sounds.

Beyond the search bar within the sound library page, you can explore a selection of sounds recommended for you based on your content consumption and sounds randomly curated by TikTok. If you've followed the recommended approach outlined earlier for utilising the "For You" page to uncover trending TikTok sounds for your OnlyFans content

4. Exploring Trending TikTok Sounds in the Creative Centre Space

Beyond the realm of owning a free TikTok creator account and immersing yourself in the art of video creation with user-generated sounds, TikTok offers the possibility of acquiring a free business account. However, the free business account diverges from the creator account by substituting user-generated sounds with a collection of royalty-free songs at your disposal. These songs, forming an integral part of TikTok's auditory tapestry, can be filtered to reveal the most popular among them.

To access the catalogue of popular songs within TikTok's Creative Center, the prerequisite is the creation of a business account. Once your business account is in place, log in and venture into TikTok's Creative Centre trending page. Here, you will be prompted to select a region, granting you access to a diverse array of songs ranked by popularity.

The ability to filter songs by country endows you with invaluable insights into your target audience's musical preferences. TikTok's Creative Centre delineates songs based on metrics that unveil their duration of popularity and whether they are currently gaining or waning in popularity. Within this space, you will also discover songs on the brink of becoming breakout hits.

Cultivate a habit of experimenting with songs that have maintained their trending status over an extended period and those poised to rise to stardom. This strategic approach enhances your content's potential to go viral by ensuring you tap into all available opportunities. Conversely, it is advisable to steer clear of songs that are experiencing a decline in popularity.

5. Harnessing the Power of the vidIQ Viral App

Are you acquainted with the remarkable capabilities of the vidIQ Viral App? This application exclusively focuses on TikTok sounds and hits, available in both free and premium versions. The app receives real-time data from TikTok, encompassing existing and new songs and sounds. It then organises this data into user-friendly categories, simplifying the process of selection and tracking. Utilising this application, especially the paid version, can save you considerable time in choosing trending TikTok sounds or songs.

To begin using the vidIQ Viral App, start by downloading and installing it on your device. Launch the app and configure your interests to receive sound and song recommendations aligned with your user-based persona descriptions, rather than personal interests. By doing so, vidIQ's algorithm will prioritise top TikTok sounds and songs that resonate with your target audience.

vidIQ empowers you to explore playlists based on location, topic, duration, and individuals. However, access to this feature typically requires a subscription fee. If your budget permits, investing in these premium features can provide a competitive edge.

The free version of the app allows you to filter TikTok sounds and songs based on global location, comedy topics, or track duration within the 0-15 seconds range. Despite these limitations, the global location search feature proves highly beneficial.

This global filter feature presents trending songs and sounds in categories such as top, new, and early trends. You can further narrow down your results based on specific time spans, ranging from 0-15 seconds, 15-30 seconds, to 30 seconds – 1 minute.

Upon selecting any audio or song from the global classification page, the app provides a graphical overview of its performance over time. You also have the option to instantly integrate the chosen sound into your video by clicking the "Use this sound" button. This real-time performance insight significantly enhances the likelihood of your video going viral, especially when using sounds listed under the "Early Trends" category.

6. Uncovering Trending TikTok Sounds Through Tokboard and TokChart Lists

In addition to vidIQ Viral, two other websites, Tokboard and TokChart, provide access to TikTok's sound data. These platforms offer distinct ways of analysing and presenting this data. However, when it comes to locating trending sounds on TikTok, TokChart emerges as the superior choice.

Tokboard segregates trending TikTok sounds into two distinct categories based on time frames. The first category focuses on a weekly basis, showcasing the top sounds for specific weeks. The second category delves into a monthly perspective, highlighting viral sounds spanning a 30-day period. Within both categories, you can access essential statistics, such as the number of videos incorporating these popular sounds and the corresponding view counts.

Conversely, TokChart exclusively showcases trending sounds and those rapidly gaining popularity within a 24-hour window. Trending sounds encompass those used most frequently within the past 24 hours while growing sounds are gaining swift traction and attention during the same time frame. TokChart features the top 100 trending sounds and the top 30 growing sounds.

Pro Tip: Key Considerations While Exploring Trending TikTok Sounds

  • Analyse How Sounds Are Utilised and the Context: Before incorporating a trending TikTok sound into your content, take the time to understand how it is being used and the context behind its popularity. Viral sounds typically have a backstory or a unique appeal that contributed to their rise. Using a sound without comprehending its context may inadvertently harm your brand if your audience perceives it as inappropriate or misused.
  • Explore User Comments: Gain valuable insights into the sound's usage by exploring user comments within videos that have already incorporated it. Positive comments can guide you on effective usage, while negative feedback serves as a cautionary signal. Dedicate effort to address concerns raised in negative comments to enhance the likelihood of receiving positive responses when you integrate the sound into your videos.
  • Organise Your Selected Sounds: To streamline your creative process and minimise the risk of overwhelming your audience with repetitive content, save your chosen sounds as favourites. This practice not only saves time when searching for trending TikTok sounds but also helps you maintain a comprehensive record of the sounds you've utilised. Keeping a catalogue of the best sounds enables you to experiment and create unique, brand-specific audio experiences by blending them together.

7. Tracking TikTok Influencers and Top Creators

TikTok influencers and top creators have amassed substantial followings on social media through their adept understanding of platform dynamics and the implementation of effective strategies. Consequently, there exists a strong likelihood that the sounds they employ in their content are trending.

Nurture the practice of following these influential figures and creators who operate within your niche or related niches. Peruse their posts, pinpointing videos that have garnered significant attention after utilising specific TikTok sounds. Keep a record of these sounds or add them to your favourites for future use.

Additionally, consider following top creators who specialise in disseminating insights about the current trending sounds on TikTok. These creators often function as marketing experts and willingly share valuable information free of charge.

Following a prominent TikTok marketing creator not only grants you access to potential viral sounds but also provides an opportunity to enhance your business promotion strategies. Timely information about a trending sound can catapult your business into the limelight, should the prediction align with your objectives. 

8. Unearthing Trending TikTok Sounds via YouTube's Search Functionality and Creative Community

YouTube, as the second-largest search engine worldwide, provides a unique avenue to discover trending TikTok sounds in a more sophisticated manner. You can employ longer, highly specific long-tail keywords in combination with phrases like "trending TikTok sounds" or "viral TikTok songs." These long-tail keywords, composed of more than three words, enhance the precision of your search, yielding highly relevant results.

While exploring trending TikTok sounds on YouTube, pay attention to the platform's intelligent keyword recommendations. These suggestions serve as valuable signposts that guide you toward the desired results. Furthermore, these recommended keywords expand the scope of your search, granting access to a wealth of results that you can sift through to pinpoint the ideal sound for your content.

With TikTok's meteoric rise, several social media platforms rushed to integrate short video-sharing capabilities. YouTube responded with YouTube Shorts, a feature that enables creators to seamlessly share brief videos directly on the platform. Consequently, many TikTok creators recognized the opportunity and began repurposing their short TikTok videos for YouTube Shorts. As a result, when you search for trending TikTok sounds on YouTube, the search results encompass both short and extended videos featuring popular TikTok audio.

As an OnlyFans creator, it's advantageous to maintain a YouTube profile optimised for OnlyFans promotions. Doing so ensures that your search endeavours lead you to trending TikTok audios aligned with the content you are promoting. Additionally, consider subscribing to channels run by creative creators who skilfully incorporate viral TikTok sounds into longer video formats, including mashups of trending TikTok sounds.

One notable channel worth subscribing to is YUMMY, where you can consistently find updates on currently trending sounds on TikTok. Another valuable resource is the Red list channel, which curates popular TikTok songs and keeps subscribers informed about upcoming tracks and trending hits.

9. Delving into Spotify Playlists

Indeed, Spotify serves as a valuable asset when on the hunt for trending TikTok sounds, particularly in the realm of music. To begin your quest, download the Spotify application and create an account to unlock access to viral TikTok hits.

Navigate to the search icon located at the far end of your Spotify homepage. Enter keywords such as "TikTok" or "trending TikTok" to initiate your search. This action will unveil a plethora of user-generated playlists as well as Spotify's own compilations brimming with popular TikTok songs. For more targeted results, consider switching your search category from "Top" to "Playlists."

Keep in mind that the playlists on Spotify frequently evolve to reflect changing trends. It's imperative to swiftly select a viral hit from these playlists before they undergo updates.

Alternatively, on Spotify, you can uncover viral TikTok hits by perusing the TikTok albums categorised under the "Albums" search option. At the time of composing this article, the "TikTok Hits 2022" album stands out as a prime choice. While a "TikTok Viral Songs 2023 (Remix)" album exists for 2023, it may not boast a substantial collection of hits.

For more accurate and promising results, monitor TikTok's verified Spotify profile. To locate this profile, input the keyword "TikTok" into Spotify's search field and scroll through the profile results. TikTok's profile is distinguished by a blue verification tick next to its brand name, signifying its authenticity. Clicking on TikTok's profile allows you to explore its 10 playlists, organised according to various regions.


Discovering trending sounds on TikTok is a process that demands time and careful filtering to uncover the ideal audio tracks. Familiarising yourself with multiple methods for sound hunting empowers you to leverage the search functionalities offered by diverse platforms like TikTok, Spotify, and YouTube, ultimately optimising your time.

If you ever feel overwhelmed while experimenting with the various methods detailed in this article, don't hesitate to seek assistance from us at Lush Management.

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